Letters to the Editor for Sept. 30, 2011

By Baker City Herald Readers September 30, 2011 05:33 pm

Facts and guesses in climate science
To the editor:
The writer of a recent letter to the editor obviously missed the whole point of my letter on climate change.
Within written human history there have been times when the earth’s climate was significantly warmer than it is today. Those warmer climates were actually more beneficial to mankind that today’s climate is. The above two statements are factual; they have been established through meticulous research by respected historians and archaeologists. On the other hand, predictions of future climate change and its consequences are highly speculative. Climatologists use computer models to make educated guesses about the future. Only time will tell if their predictions are correct. They prove nothing now.
Some climatologists have not exactly covered themselves with glory. Most of the non-scientific world came to depend upon information put out by the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in England. In November, 2009, a hacker broke into the university’s computer system and stole thousands of e-mails and documents. These stolen e-mails showed that researchers there had been indulging in some very unscientific activities. They manipulated data so that it would fit their ideas and destroyed contradictory data. They concocted fictions and published them as factual. They also used the prestige of their institution to stifle dissent and suppress critics. This is not science; this is ideology masquerading as science.
Human-caused catastrophic climate change is not “settled science.” There are thousands of scientists who disagree, but who have not been allowed to be heard since they go against the politically correct line.
So who do we believe? Do we accept the work of respected historians and archeologists who have studied what a warmer climate is actually like and report that it was benign? Or do we accept the educated guesses of climatologists, a few of whom are not above a little intellectual cheating?
In my book, the Medieval Climactic Optimum, a time when the earth was warmer, is “an inconvenient truth” which Al Gore and his fellow doomsayers have totally ignored.
Everything said above is all a matter of public record. Look it up for yourself.
Pete Sundin
Baker City