Letters to the Editor for Oct. 28, 2011

By Baker City Herald Readers October 27, 2011 09:55 pm

Way to go,
Kyle Knight

To the editor:
When someone does a good job you should let them know. Good job Kyle Knight. There is a lot of people in this community that are behind you. Please don’t succumb to politics and lose your fight for the people. We need more politicians with common sense.
Julie Miller
Baker City
Gun policy could lead to lawsuit
To the editor:
Congrats to Kyle Knight, stepping up to be a man. Dan Van Thiel, if guns are outlawed, even though mine are grown, when kids are gunned down, I say again when, not if it happens. You and all involved will be sued for wrongful death.
If knives are considered deadly, all silverware should be abolished from schools, pencils, pens, shoestrings, tape, rulers, etc., just like prisons. All can be deadly weapons.
Gun control has nothing to do with bullying. A knife is not a gun either, as was assumed by school. Need to bring back shooting teams in schools. Teaches safety, and possible lifesaving abilities, and skills. Knowledge of disables fear.
Liked Pat’s suggestion for wolves, love to see how far all that hugging and kissing of wolves will make them act, the way they want. As for forest roads, I can’t walk long distances, or carry filled backpack, renting horses costs major money, I do have 4-wheeler and according to disability act, along with other so called outdated laws, should have unlimited access to my forests property. I pay taxes. Belongs to all that are legal citizens of U.S.A. The owls are still dying out. Paper work for for fighting fires, and rescue missions takes weeks, not too mention cats needed to reopen roads that should have been left alone. Fire should trump endangered anything, instead fire passes and kills all anyway.
Border fence is great idea, just between impact studies and all other hoops. Will cost billions before it is even started. Canada or Mexico. Canada has town and even a building to go through.
Carl Koontz
Baker City