Letters to the Editor for Dec. 26 , 2011

By Baker City Herald Readers December 26, 2011 07:15 pm

Second American Revolution begins

To the editor:

We are presently in the early days of the Second American Revolution. Thinking people among us have long been aware of the corporate takeover of the federal government, and the effectual displacement of the majority class from significant participation in it. The latest phase of this takeover, dating from the Supreme Court’s theft of the 2000 presidential election, has been an uninterrupted series of outrageous assaults on the majority class’ constitutional rights, liberties, sovereignty and well-being so encompassing as to constitute an irreversible single coup against them. But this was not, as some may have thought, a revolution. It has been, rather, a treasonous usurpation, willingly conspired and collaborated in and delivered by antidemocratic politicians of both parties, the Supreme Court, and others within the government and without.

On the other hand, the explosive, unorganized, nationwide emergence of thousands of citizen occupier dissenters, demonstrating their repudiation of not some, but all, the horse pucky thrust upon us since Bush/Cheney, is revolution for they have taken on the corporate monster, which is the real power puppeteering the federal government. Revolution, as such, seems not to have been their intent, but having stoutly kicked the monster’s butt. It is revolution they have on their hands, whether or not they have yet recognized this fact.

In this revolution we are fighting against the corporations, not the government. This will make it easier on the conscience. Nevertheless, this is a peoples’ revolution and so we may expect, before we are through, to be savaged by our government in the service of the 1 percent in ways the citizen demonstrators in Egypt and Syria were savaged by their government. It has already begun, such as with the recent pepper spray hosing we all saw on TV. Revolution is a one-way street and we are on the road, like it or not. However, the far end of this road is a far better place than where we presently are, and incalculably better than what the corporatists intend for us.

Dan Martin

Baker City