Celebrating safely

By Baker City Herald Editorial Board December 30, 2011 05:58 pm

And so we bid farewell to 2011.

It was an eventful year — earthquakes, tsunami, debt ceiling debate — but we expect 2011 might seem placid compared with the inevitable spectacle of the presidential campaign.

The economy failed to rouse itself as we had hoped.

But there were positive trends, too. It was a good year, generally speaking, for the agriculture industry, a mainstay of Baker County’s economy.

We were pleased to see how the community responded when John Osborn, who owns Charlie’s Ice Cream parlor, decided to offer a free Thanksgiving meal. Osborn received so many donations that he’s already planning to do the same thing in 2012.

So are the owners of Porchibee’s Grill and the congregation of Calvary Baptist Church.

As we celebrate the arrival of the new year, we hope everyone, however they choose to recognize the occasion, does so safely. If your party includes the traditional toast, make sure designated drivers are available to ensure 2012 is remembered for something other than its tragic beginning.