Letters to the Editor for Jan. 11, 2012

By Baker City Herald Readers January 11, 2012 06:23 pm

$3 billion would buy U of O
To the editor:
There seems to be some smoke blowing into the eyes of the UO President’s Search Team that without an assurance of freedom from that horrible Board who rightfully fired their president, no candidate will look at the position. 1. Having heading one such search team, there will be no shortage of qualified candidates. If there is one problem candidate’s question, it is the disinvestment of higher education since 1980 compounded by Ballot Measure 5!
2. The UO has its own Board now; it’s called the UO Foundation. They hire lobbyist, push their own agenda and in reality must take some responsibility for being the handmaiden in the firing of two presidents.
3. Lane County legislators determined to legislate their own end run should be questioned about the ethics of such a move.
4. If Mr. Knight is using his power and money to create another public/private corporation on the people of Oregon’s dollar, then the true nature of such a move should be questioned as to the people’s loss of control, property and oversight.
5. This may be the time for Mr. Knight to buy UO total freedom from the state. Three billion dollars would call all state GO bonds in and pay for all the public buildings, equipment, land purchases outright. No more public funds would be available for any of the UO enterprises. The new Investment Board would finally have money to move education.
6. No Fannie Maes or Freddie Macs in Oregon!
Tony Van Vliet
Former state legislator and member of the Oregon Board of Higher Education