Baker City mayor files papers with city requesting reimbursement of water and sewer fees

By Pat Caldwell/Baker City Herald April 22, 2014 01:06 pm

Baker City Mayor Richard Langrell today filed a complaint in Baker County Circuit Court in which he demands the city reimburse him for $8,931.47 in water and sewer fees, plus one-half of the water and sewer fees paid he and his wife, Lynne, paid in the months of February, March and April 2014.

A summons was delivered this morning to City Hall, stating that the city must appear in court to defend against the Langrells' complaint within 30 days, or the Langrells will ask the court to rule in their favor and order the city to pay the money.

In early January the Langrells' attorney, Rebecca J. Knapp of Enterprise, wrote the city a letter demanding $14,907.71.

City officials denied the request, and they insist the city doesn't owe Langrell anything.

More recently, in an April 1 letter Knapp asks the city for $8,931.47 in water and sewer fees, plus one-half of the water and sewer fees the Langrells paid in February, March and April.

City Manager Mike Kee said he was served with a copy of Langrell's petition and summons this morning.

Kee referred questions to the city's attorney, Brent Smith.

Langrell said earlier this month that he believes the city would settle with him before the matter goes to court. 

See Wednesday's issue of the Baker City Herald for a story about the Langrells' petition.