Fire that threatened Huntington moving toward Farewell Bend

By Baker City Herald June 24, 2014 08:17 am

A fire that threatened homes in Huntington is moving east toward Farewell Bend and being pushed by 25 mph winds, a Baker County official said this morning.

The fire, which apparently started about 7:35 a.m., doesn't appear to pose a further threat to the town of 510 at the southeastern corner of the county, said Jason Yencopal of Baker County Emergency Management.

The fire started at a home on Third Street and then burned southeast, up the hill above the town, Yencopal said. 

The blaze burned a garage, but Yencopal said he didn't yet know whether any other structures were damaged, or whether anyone was injured.

The fire has burned an estimated 1,300 acres, about half private land and half BLM land, said Carolyn Chad, a spokeswoman at BLM's Vale District office.

Chad said five single-engine airplanes are available to drop retardant, and they're assisted by a BLM Hotshot crew, a bulldozer and several fire engines.

The Oregon Department of Transportation briefly closed Highway 30 between Huntington and Farewell Bend, but the highway is open now.

Interstate 84 is open.