from the Democrat-Herald

June 16, 1957

Monday’s school election is highly crucial to local schools, the superintendent of schools, J.R. Evans, emphasized in an interview today.


from the Democrat-Herald

June 16, 1992

When Robert L. “Bob” Young went to work for the Baker City Fire Department one year out of high school in 1944, little did he know the next 50 years would be devoted to city service.

Young, 66, who retired Jan. 1, 1982, after 37 years with the fire department, spent a four-year term on the city’s civil service commission from 1982-86. Now he’s in the middle of his second term on the Baker City Council.


from the Baker City Herald

June 15, 2007

If you came across, while swimming in dark waters, the creature that lurks inside the Oregon Trail Regional Museum you’d probably scream.

And then you’d probably be eaten.

Fortunately, this 50-foot beast’s flesh-devouring heyday is long past.

Like 220 million years past.

Although the thing’s still quite capable of crushing a toe or two.

The creature is an ichthyosaur.


from the Baker City Herald

June 17, 2016

As wildfire season begins early in the region, one Baker County forestland owner gave a group of about 90 people an account of how last August’s Cornet/Windy Ridge Fire has affected her property.

Eileen Gyllenberg, who with her husband, Brent, lives along Beaver Creek Road about 12 miles south of Baker City, is president of the Baker County chapter of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association (OSWA).

The group that traveled to the Gyllenberg Beaver Mountain Bison Ranch earlier this month included members of OSWA.