from the Democrat-Herald

August 12, 1957

The emergency free-will gift drive to save Baker’s blood program moved nearer its goal Monday as the total swelled to $332.50, Red Cross spokesman reported.


from the Democrat-Herald

August 12, 1992

When Ori Polley with son, Stanley, 10 and daughter, Priscilla, 13, opened the door to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center Friday, they expected some surprises, but not what they got.

A bullhorn shook the rafters and startled everyone in the center.

Ori Polley was guest No. 100,000 to enter the doors since the center opened May 23.


from the Baker City Herald

August 13, 2007

Baker City officials are asking the City Council to invoke a rarely used, 53-year-old city ordinance that allows councilors to force homeowners to pay for fixing dilapidated sidewalks that adjoin their properties.


from the Baker City Herald

August 12, 2016

In the pig pens at the Baker County Fair on Thursday, dozens of 4-Hers groom and wash their hogs before their final test begins.

Each owner has spent about six months with their pig of choice. The judges wait adjacent to the pens — at the show ring.

As others make finishing touches to their swine, Gretchen Morgan kneels beside her pig and simply pets its ear.

“It’s so soft,” she says to her mother, Mandy.

Apart from bonding, Gretchen says she chose this particular pig because of its length and shoulder width. She focused on developing the animal’s muscles through regular walking and running exercises.

But Gretchen’s favorite part of the experience is bonding with her oinker, a female she named Diva.