Bundys beat the feds again

We’re tempted to argue that Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy and his family have gotten … Read more

Prohibition and state pot laws

You might have thought federal officials would have learned something from the spectacular failure called … Read more

Fighting opioids

It’s an illegal substance — methamphetamine — that shows up most often in the news … Read more

Far from Oregon’s best shot

Oregonians act in a curiously inconsistent way when it comes to healthy living. We work … Read more

Salt starts to show potential

The results are preliminary, but the limited evidence suggests that adding rock salt to the … Read more

Anthony’s big boost

Lest anyone believe it is always quixotic to even try to influence the federal government, … Read more

Spotlight on the poachers

The press releases from the Oregon State Police have been so frequent recently and so … Read more

Baker’s big bill

Read more

State offers words but not jobs

Oregon state government has offered plenty of words over the past year or so touting … Read more

Work sessions and trust

We don’t mind that the Baker City Council wants to discuss certain topics without feeling … Read more

‘No’ on Measure 101

You’re likely to see the number 350,000 often between now and Jan. 23, 2018, when … Read more

Brownfield program helps city, students

It might sound contradictory, but environmental contamination is turning into a boon for Baker City. … Read more

Dealing with the ‘worst of the worst’

We understand why Baker City Police Chief Wyn Lohner has asked the City Council to … Read more

Letting a wolf lie

The pro-wolf lobby is determined to prove that a Clackamas man who shot and killed … Read more

Toward cleaner energy

We understand the disdain some people have for hydroelectric dams. They turn free-flowing rivers into … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 13, 2017

Tax cuts would benefit a few at the expense of the many At a time … Read more

Honoring veterans, past and present

It doesn’t seem terribly far in the past when we could still find a few … Read more

Mixed signals in TV service

We sympathize with the Blue Mountain Translator District’s plight. The district, which makes television signals … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Nov. 8, 2017

Editorial on Halloween tract created unnecessary debate On Nov. 3 the Baker City Herald editorial … Read more

Nuisance: Reality vs. theory

Cutting waist-high weeds and hauling away trash from private property aren’t Baker City government’s highest … Read more

Tricks, treats and a tract

Baker City parents might have found something they didn’t expect, or approve of, when they … Read more

National park fees rising too quickly

We pine for the halcyon era when America’s national parks were known for the grandiosity … Read more

Nanny state vs. Halloween

Never mind the greatly exaggerated “War on Christmas” we’ll start hearing about in a few … Read more

Good news in groceries

Predicting how a new retail business will affect Baker County’s economy is an inexact science, … Read more

Trump’s attempt to console

Donald Trump might be the least articulate president of the modern era, by which we … Read more

Paying for ambulance service

The Baker City Council has to decide by Halloween whether to accept a federal grant … Read more

Building’s brighter future?

We’re probably quite a ways from seeing a detailed proposal, but we’re excited about the … Read more

Public safety fee question

Since July 1, Baker City households have been paying $3 per month and businesses $6 … Read more

Privacy and local pot taxes

The budding marijuana industry in Oregon has created a direct conflict with the state’s venerable … Read more

Libraries as bastions of freedom

We sometimes take the public library for granted, thinking of it only as a place … Read more

The gun debate

The platitudes that follow a tragedy such as the mass shooting in Las Vegas on … Read more

Protecting vulnerable children

The meeting that took place a week ago in Baker City was the sort of … Read more

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