Ranchers Get Ready

Almost a year has passed since wolves killed four calves and injured seven others in eastern Baker County, and several affected ranchers are ready to try new tactics to protect their herds. Their efforts will …

Doing away with the drought

For the first time in more than a year, no part of Baker County is in a drought. …

Image of Jayson Jacoby for The Baker City Herald Jayson Jacoby, The Baker City Herald

Not Just An Act

Isabella Evans is giving back to the organization that helps her attend college by taking part in one …

By Lisa Britton , For the Baker City Herald ,

Readers Remember

As soon as the question is read, four blonde heads nearly collide as the girls lean in to …

By Lisa Britton , For the Baker City Herald ,

Paying for Potholes

Baker City’s streets continued to get rougher over the past year, a trend that dates back almost two …

By Casey Crowley , ccrowley@bakercityherald.com ,

Bovine Bidding

Cattle ranchers from across the Northwest descended on Baker Valley Monday for the 40th-annual Harrell Hereford Ranch Spring …

By Casey Crowley , ccrowley@bakercityherald.com ,



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