City’s conundrum on property maintenance

Among the many things I cherish about America is that we value so highly the … Read more

New labor commissioner’s top priority

Val Hoyle was sworn in Monday as Oregon’s Labor Commissioner, and she has an immediate … Read more

Silly shutdowns, and making highways safer

The federal government hummed along for the past year despite having run up a $21.6 … Read more

Gun lock giveaway is a start

The difference between life and death can be a loop of metal cord connected to … Read more

Old school music serenades awards ceremony

I went to an elementary school awards assembly recently and was surprised, and pleasantly so, … Read more

Reflecting on our commitment

Christmas is nigh and I’m hoping that snowflakes will be falling this evening, gracing every … Read more

PETA’s tortured attempt to limit the language

Those fun-loving rogues at PETA suggest we retire the saying “kill two birds with one … Read more

A story of salmon

Chinook salmon and steelhead might return to a part of Baker County where the anadromous … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Dec. 14, 2018

Why I voted against the Baker School District bond I have been reading various stories … Read more

Great Oregon books by non-Oregonians

I was born in Oregon and have never lived anywhere else, but it occurred to … Read more

Appoint Bruland to Council

The Baker City Council has one vacancy to fill on its seven-member roster, but the … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Dec. 12, 2018

Forest plan objectors played a valuable role To every one of you who attended the … Read more

Pearl Harbor, and personal history lost

Two years ago today, we commemorated the 75th anniversary of one of America’s milestone events … Read more

Honoring Bush, without mentioning Trump

The bacillus-like effect that Donald Trump has had on American political commentary is so pernicious … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Dec. 5, 2018

Hypocrisy in complaint about pot dispensary ad In response to Craig and Doni Bruland’s letter … Read more

Listening, looking ahead

The Baker School Board and school district officials plan to spend a lot of time … Read more

Avoid lettuce? How I’m far ahead of the feds

The federal government told me recently to stop eating romaine lettuce — and right now … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Nov. 30, 2018

Animal-killing contests shouldn’t be allowed The first Young Farmers and Ranchers coyote killing contest begins … Read more

DHS tries to hide its failures

So much for the idea that the Oregon Legislature could spur improvements in the state’s … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 28, 2018

‘Civil Cold War’ could heat up in super blue Oregon CNN’s Fareed Zakaria’s show on … Read more

Letter to the Editor for Nov. 26, 2018

Barking dogs disrupt peaceful Sumpter I love dogs. I love all animals. I do not … Read more

Elk hunt adds a chapter to a family’s history

It was one of those father-son bonding moments, the likes of which don’t happen often, … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 21, 2018

Residents need to get involved with city business With all the political turmoil we have … Read more

Campaign against a free press

The Trump administration, in defending its decision to revoke CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s pass to … Read more

Dangerous detour on the road to safer driving

Every now and again while I’m driving on a two-lane highway and a car is … Read more

A century on, pondering the end of the Great War

A century ago the guns ceased to fire and the slaughter, the greatest slaughter mankind … Read more

Feeling sick at possibly being scammed by writers

My son Max learned the concept of duping recently and he employs this little trick … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Nov. 2, 2018

Walden deserves support from 2nd District voters I am writing in support of Congressman Greg … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 31, 2018

PEN America opposed Obama administration as well Thank you for your editorial on PEN America’s … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Oct. 29, 2018

Vote for progress; pass school bond measure As a registered voter, three months shy of … Read more

Secrecy in Salem

Last week wasn’t a good week for Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, but the political problems … Read more

Crammed onto the page, and happy about it

The columns containing letters to the editor for today’s issue crept steadily down the page, … Read more

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