Letters to the Editor for May 15, 2019

Upset about delay between assault and suspect’s arrest I’m embarrassed for the Baker City Police … Read more

When Salem’s right not to listen

Oregon legislators, when they’re considering a bill, have an obligation to listen to supporters and … Read more

COLUMN: Swallowing bugs and searching for witch boots

I recently swallowed two bugs in a three-day period and this rate of insectile ingestion, … Read more

Hunter doesn’t get a fair shot

Turns out that legally killing “exotic” animals in Africa — exotic only from an America-centric … Read more

COLUMN: Hunting photos and seriously funny headlines

The headlines made me laugh and I fixed them as the work of the brilliant … Read more

Saving a treasure of Baker’s history

The boxes that hold a significant part of Baker County’s and Baker City’s history have … Read more

COLUMN: Book explores 2016 Malheur Refuge takeover

I read the word “sagebrush” on the book cover and I was powerless against the … Read more

Letter to the Editor for April 26, 2019

Brown, Democrats stealing from Oregon taxpayers In the article on Page 3A of the April … Read more

COLUMN: Impressed, and exhausted, by Nevada’s peaks

Nevada is lousy with hills, but these aren’t the gently rolling hills that infest mediocre … Read more

Mueller report: Worth reading regardless of political spin

We have, it seems, reached the grim point in American partisan political history where a … Read more

Sensible ideas on schools

The Baker School Board and district officials recognize the reality — district voters won’t approve … Read more

Letter to the Editor for April 15, 2019

Boardman-to-Hemingway power line is far from a done deal Reading Jayson Jacoby’s recent “State moves … Read more

Humbled by meetings with America’s veterans

I recently read a fine new book about the Korean war and it occurred to … Read more

Letter to the Editor for April 12, 2019

Green New Deal is a start to addressing U.S. issues I see two pivotal issues … Read more

Letter to the Editor for April 8, 2019

Concerned school district acted hastily with coach Mr. Witty: I find it interesting that most … Read more

Highest standards for youth coaches

With the benefit of hindsight, the Baker School District’s decision to retain Warren Wilson as … Read more

Letter to the Editor for April 5, 2019

Keep sexual, gender identity topics out of schools’ health education standards It has been brought … Read more

Pondering newspapers’ futures — and pasts

I’ve fielded quite a lot of questions recently about the future of the Baker City … Read more

Letters to the Editor for April 3, 2019

Herald should use caution in selecting outside materials I am responding to the editorial “Trump … Read more

Voters should decide on executions

Former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber didn’t always respect voters’ opinions regarding the imposition of the … Read more

Circular argument: The safety of roundabouts

I recently read a report dealing with how drivers negotiate roundabouts, and the findings defy … Read more

Letter to the Editor for March 29, 2019

There’s no excuse for kidnapping children Why are we receiving so little information regarding the … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 22, 2019

Concerned about accuracy of allegations against coach I’ve known Warren Wilson for nearly 40 years … Read more

Forest management and the best laid plans

The federal government has rarely finished a task in a year that couldn’t be stretched … Read more

Letter to the Editor for March 15, 2019

Extend playground effort spirit to political commentary It raised my spirits to read the three … Read more

Carbon taxation and the rural-urban divide

Oregon’s rural-urban divide is a fixture of the state’s political landscape but oftentimes, it seems … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 13, 2019

Claims about volcanic pollution are nonsensical Here we go again. I find myself again shooting … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 11, 2019

Kids put on a great and funny play Last week my husband and I were … Read more

Students make us all proud

What a winter it was for Baker High School students. State records were broken. Trophies … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 8, 2019

Carbon limit legislation would cost a lot, do little The cap and trade legislation efforts … Read more

Glad to know rescuers are always ready to go

My imagination is not especially vivid but I have on occasion realized that by making … Read more

Moving past our recent delivery struggles

The snowiest February in at least a couple decades. A printing press that suffered the … Read more

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