EDITORIAL: Records advocate is quitting

Gov. Kate Brown’s decision to hire Oregon’s first public records advocate in January 2018 was … Read more

EDITORIAL: Walmart, guns and violence

Tuesday’s announcement was guaranteed to generate considerable publicity because it came from Walmart, which is … Read more

COLUMN: Wonders of the Wallowas, big and (bug) small

I slapped my left ear, rendering myself temporarily half-deaf and possibly concussed, and it was … Read more

EDITORIAL: Tax kicker economics

Oregon income taxpayers are in line to receive the biggest refund next year due to … Read more

COLUMN: Crater Lake always lives up to its reputation

I underestimated Crater Lake. Which is not an easy thing to do with a lake … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 30, 2019

Congress needs to act to improve elections security Our elections are still under threat from … Read more

EDITORIAL: Journalism, questions and ‘crime’

Journalists can be annoying. Might as well concede that from the start. We ask questions … Read more

COLUMN: Bear is back: Grylls captures a new generation

It occurred to me recently that far too much time had passed since I watched … Read more

Falling into the rabbit hole of the energy facility siting process

om full of what look like sheep but are really members of the Oregon Energy … Read more

COLUMN: On trip to famous places, the people stand out

I was strolling a street in a town I’d never before visited, and most probably … Read more

COLUMN: After 50 years, ‘Helter Skelter’ still frightening

When I was about 9 I picked up the book that would infect a great … Read more

EDITORIAL: Letting fires do the work

Lightning, for all its faults, works cheap. The federal government didn’t need to delve into … Read more

EDITORIAL: Guns and mental health

The guns are the easier part. Not easy. Easier. There’s nothing remotely easy in the … Read more

Letters to the Editor for Aug. 7, 2019

To reduce waste, let’s focus on single-use diapers After reading the article “Reduce, Reuse and … Read more

COLUMN: ‘Yesterday’ makes Beatles’ music even better

Never had I sat in a movie theater as the end credits rolled and felt … Read more

EDITORIAL: A few fouling the forest

The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest is bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined, but even with … Read more

EDITORIAL: Public records loophole

A Clackamas County judge has opened a gaping loophole in Oregon’s Public Records Law, and … Read more

Letter to the Editor for July 29, 2019

Be firm in your resolve to protect our freedoms Faced with government intrusion into nearly … Read more

COLUMN: Feeling chilly — and silly — on a July evening

I complained on a recent evening, to no one in particular and without receiving a … Read more

Letter to the Editor for July 26, 2019

City needs to enforce property maintenance rules There are increasing numbers of properties in this … Read more

COLUMN: Would Americans back another moonshot?

The phones were about as portable as a sectional sofa, the music was analog and … Read more

EDITORIAL: Sweet deal for state workers

Did your income stagnate, or rise only slightly, in the years after the major recession … Read more

EDITORIAL: Baker’s summer bounty

First the bicyclists pedaled through. They were followed by fireworks and bronc riders and barrel … Read more

Letter to the Editor for July 17, 2019

Disappointed by political signs at Haines parade I have enjoyed attending the Haines 4th of … Read more

COLUMN: A toddler’s obsessions; and Korean diplomacy

My grandson Brysen is fascinated with lip balm. His passion within that narrow category is … Read more

EDITORIAL: Ambulance concerns

Baker County Commissioners have an obligation to try to ensure their constituents who live outside … Read more

COLUMN: Music nostalgia, and why ‘Airplane!’ matters

I was walking toward the sunset and toward home, the air soft in a way … Read more

Letter to the Editor for July 5, 2019

No reason to spend money to stop train whistles Once again we see people moving … Read more

Letter to the Editor for July 3, 2019

Weeds mar city’s beauty I have lived in Baker (City) most of my life. I … Read more

EDITORIAL: Fast work on motel problems

We don’t know the person’s name, but he or she deserves a hearty thank you. … Read more

Letter to the Editor for July 1, 2019

Legislators work for the people, and they should also work together, as adults I am … Read more

COLUMN: Street safety; and Elkhorn Peak’s familiar face

I had a Facebook message the other day from Jeannie Wilhelm of Baker City, and … Read more

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