Weigh in on school proposal

The Baker School District wants to know what you think about a proposed $48 million … Read more

Mourning a man, and a meeting we never had

It was a conversation I awaited with great anticipation, and it will never happen. The … Read more

Letter to the Editor for June 15, 2018

U.S. acting shamefully For the first time in my life (74 years now) I am … Read more

Summit was a start

It’s impossible to know today whether Tuesday’s meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean … Read more

Letter to the Editor for June 13, 2018

Flags were wonderful; cemetery needs work Best things first: A sincere thank you to all … Read more

It’s time to pardon the Hammonds

Perhaps the most galling legacy of the 2016 occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge … Read more

Holding people accountable for their own words

The ubiquity of Donald Trump in the national conversation, no matter the topic, reminds me … Read more

Highways becoming deadlier

One deadly weekend on Oregon’s highways does not a trend make. Unfortunately, it’s not just … Read more

Vaccine progress reversal

Oregon’s progress on vaccinating younger children against preventable diseases such as measles and whooping cough … Read more

The summer I swapped work for selling hot dogs

Thirty years ago I decided to stop working and start selling hot dogs instead. This … Read more

Bright day and dark memories

The forecasters told us the sun probably would shine brightly this morning as people gathered … Read more

Book probes some sillier aspects of Prohibition

I knew Prohibition was a failure, and not infrequently a bloody one, but I hadn’t … Read more

Secrecy and the Gorge fire

Oregon’s Constitution is admirably clear and brief in describing how justice must be administered in … Read more

Excited about the future of Churchill

We’re always excited about the possibility that one of Baker City’s historic buildings not only … Read more

Letter to the Editor for May 21, 2018

Schools should teach evolution and creation It has come to my attention that science classes … Read more

The PERS problem

We’re not especially bothered by the proposed budget that Baker City’s Budget Board approved Tuesday … Read more

Different building, same connection to Baker City

I have been striving recently to rid my workplace of the claptrap accumulated over a … Read more

Letter to the Editor for May 18, 2018

We’re creating a society of whiners, not winners As I watched the news, I’m bombarded … Read more

Letter to the Editor for May 16, 2018

I like deer — in their normal habitat out of town In a recent article … Read more

Hearing veterans’ stories

May has marked what we hope is a trend in the community — scheduling special … Read more

Book offers a different perspective of the Holocaust

I didn’t think I could read anything about World War II, and specifically about the … Read more

Letters to the Editor for May 11, 2018

City, county need to learn about budgeting I always thought balancing the budget meant don’t … Read more

Dealing with deer?

The Baker City Council is talking about deer. This is quite a different thing than … Read more

In pursuit of public safety

It was the sort of situation to make a police officer’s mouth go dry. A … Read more

Letters to the Editor for May 9, 2018

Republicans need to think about general election too To Republican primary voters: If you want … Read more

Letter to the Editor for May 7, 2018

Harvey has done amazing job; no need to change now Why change leadership now? Those … Read more

Comedy and reality: Reconsidering Bill Cosby

When I was a kid I shared a room with my older brother, Michael, for … Read more

Letters to the Editor for May 4, 2018

Nichols the best choice to lead Baker County Bruce Nichols’ no-nonsense approach and his professional … Read more

Bracing for gun restriction

It’s not clear how much legal clout a Baker County voter-approved “Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance” … Read more

Letters to the Editor for May 2, 2018

Brent Kerns has the skills to serve as Justice of the Peace I am writing … Read more

Letters to the Editor for April 30, 2018

Nichols has the skills to be an effective County Commission chairman I urge you to … Read more

Letters to the Editor for April 27, 2018

Bruce Nichols the best choice for Commission chairman I am writing this letter in support … Read more

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