Public meetings problems

January was a poor month for Baker City and Baker County government when it comes … Read more

It’s not the money

Editor's Note: After the Jan. 25, 2019, issue went to press, President Donald Trump announced … Read more

Capitol cancels?

Do you believe that the federal government holds a monopoly on information about how to … Read more

Volatile episode handled properly

The incident at the Baker City Airport Tuesday had some of the elements ommon to … Read more

Council violated state law

The Baker City Council violated Oregon’s Public Meetings Law Tuesday night when it elected a … Read more

New labor commissioner’s top priority

Val Hoyle was sworn in Monday as Oregon’s Labor Commissioner, and she has an immediate … Read more

Gun lock giveaway is a start

The difference between life and death can be a loop of metal cord connected to … Read more

Reflecting on our commitment

Christmas is nigh and I’m hoping that snowflakes will be falling this evening, gracing every … Read more

A story of salmon

Chinook salmon and steelhead might return to a part of Baker County where the anadromous … Read more

Appoint Bruland to Council

The Baker City Council has one vacancy to fill on its seven-member roster, but the … Read more

Pearl Harbor, and personal history lost

Two years ago today, we commemorated the 75th anniversary of one of America’s milestone events … Read more

Honoring Bush, without mentioning Trump

The bacillus-like effect that Donald Trump has had on American political commentary is so pernicious … Read more

Listening, looking ahead

The Baker School Board and school district officials plan to spend a lot of time … Read more

DHS tries to hide its failures

So much for the idea that the Oregon Legislature could spur improvements in the state’s … Read more

Campaign against a free press

The Trump administration, in defending its decision to revoke CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s pass to … Read more

Secrecy in Salem

Last week wasn’t a good week for Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, but the political problems … Read more

Double standards

Even before he was elected, we tired of Donald Trump’s sophomoric verbal jabs at the … Read more

Merkley’s fire bill a good start

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley is hardly the first politician to take up the challenge of … Read more

Reservoirs again show their value

Reservoirs in and around Baker County have shrunken to comparative puddles, mute evidence to the … Read more

Cougar controls

Statistically speaking, that a cougar killed Portland hiker Diana Bober in the Mount Hood National … Read more

Waiting on the debates

Several weeks ago we had good reason to believe that Greg Walden, our 10-term congressman, … Read more

Wise to leave seat vacant

We agree with the Baker City Council’s recent decision to not appoint someone to replace … Read more

Sanctuary law repeal is sensible

We think Oregon voters should repeal the state’s 31-year-old “sanctuary” statute by approving Ballot Measure … Read more

Right choice on roosters

The common metaphor to describe an unnecessarily aggressive approach — using a sledgehammer to drive … Read more

Support the ‘free’ concerts

We understand that some people will complain about the price of tickets to any sort … Read more

The state punishes in secret

As befits the importance of teaching as a profession, Oregon has a public commission that … Read more

Study the tax bond

The Baker School Board has made official what for months has seemed all but assured … Read more

Want to help run our city?

The pay isn’t much but the sense of civic accomplishment can be great indeed. We’re … Read more

Wildfires aren’t all inevitable

Miners Jubilee weekend offered a brief, and relatively minor, respite to the heatwave that descended … Read more

Trump’s blunder

Almost a year and a half into Donald Trump’s presidency, we’ve long since become accustomed … Read more

Working on the watershed

The best time to reduce the risk of a big wildfire in Baker City’s watershed … Read more

Thomas should step down

Baker City Councilor James Clinton Thomas isn’t scheduled to appear in Baker County Circuit Court … Read more

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