Misplaced moose

Lone bull roams near ponds just east of Interstate 84 in Baker City

Kathryn Talada was looking for a couple of lost dogs Tuesday evening. What she found … Read more

Name game: Killamacue

A lake with the name “Killamacue” ought to have a compelling story. Or some sort … Read more

The same photo ... but different

I blame the sun. For an object 93 million miles away — a rather considerable … Read more

Where a River is Born

The Powder River is a modest stream, as streams go. Or, rather, flow. Along its … Read more

Surging Snowpack

Snowpacks aren’t built in a week. But they can get quite a lot deeper. A … Read more

Ice Art

A mountain stream is the artistic virtuoso of the natural world. During summer the cascading … Read more

Reprieve For Deer Herds

The south-facing slopes of sagebrush, gray-brown in a season better known for glittering white, are … Read more

Snowshoe With a View

Hikes should include a viewpoint. As with most proclamations which feature that most vexing of … Read more

Predicting Avalanches

Wallowa Avalanche Center’s newest weather station honors former director who died in a slide in 2016

A weather station high in the Wallowa Mountains that helps forecasters warn backcountry travelers about … Read more

The New Elk Master

NORTH POWDER — Dan Marvin stands beside a chest-high bale of alfalfa hay and gazes … Read more

Bonding and Blisters

Phil Reindl, 67, and his son Andy, 31, hiked the 24-mile Elkhorn Crest Trail in a single day

Dusk was descending on the Elkhorn Mountains and the father and son, their legs aching … Read more

A Meeting of Two Streams

I would never insult the intelligence of parents by suggesting there is a perfect place … Read more

Searching for signs of spring

There’s a certain sign I keep returning to, a sign that serves a purpose even … Read more

Wild tales (and tails)

ENTERPRISE — If anyone was born to his profession, it was Vic Coggins. The title … Read more

Beaver believer

If you want to watch beavers going about their dam-building business you can ... well … Read more

Elk in no hurry to reach feed sites

ying to tempt a herd of confused elk but so far his offer of alfalfa … Read more

Packing on the pounds

Biologists say the more food deer can gobble before heavy snow arrives, the better chance they have to survive a harsh winter

Deer don’t as a rule eat candy bars, although of course confectioners don’t add bitterbrush … Read more

Tougher trails

Rogel Music doesn’t mind getting his pickup truck stuck. In fact the Baker City man … Read more

Go with the flow

Mountain bikers will have another reason to gravitate to Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort next spring. … Read more

Back on the byway

We had a decision to make, and our lack of Dramamine was a major factor … Read more

Simply Spectacular

Van Patten Lake is not only beautiful, it’s accessible even for young hikers

Hiking inevitably involves compromise. Trouble is, you can’t negotiate with topography. You can’t swap a … Read more

Trail Rating Trouble

Trying to decide which hiking trail is my favorite seems to me a distasteful business. … Read more

Drift Differences

When I rounded the corner and my left front tire immediately sunk into a snowdrift … Read more

Calls Of The Wild

North Powder man handcrafts waterfowl and elk calls

NORTH POWDER — If not for the frozen saliva, Justus Gray might never have started … Read more

Bigfoot in the Blues?

Scot Violette, who lives in Baker City and grew up in Summerville, plans to search for the beast this summer in the northern Blue Mountains near Tollgate

There’s a plaster cast of a footprint on the wall of Scott Violette’s basement and … Read more

Focus on feeding

Mike Lattin of Richland has been leading a campaign to feed about 1,000 elk and more than 1,000 deer in snowbound eastern Baker County

Mike Lattin doesn’t want this spring’s soft breezes to spread the stench of animal carcasses … Read more

Gorging on the green

The combination of October rain and November warmth has resulted in a lush crop of green grass, a boon for big game animals as they prepare for winter

The green grass that has kept a bright bit of summer in your yard brings … Read more

First hunt memorable for Baker City girl, 12

When Emrie Osborn drew a special hunt antelope tag, she knew exactly what she needed … Read more

Backtrack? Bah Humbug!

Why it can be worth the extra effort to plot a hiking route with no repetition

I love to hike but I hate to backtrack. I think most hikers consider it … Read more

In Oregon’s biggest wild area, even the small parts sprawl

The Eagle Cap Wilderness is so big that even its small corners sprawl magnificently. The … Read more

A jewel in the rough (road)

The route to Pine Creek Reservoir near Baker City is technically a road, but I … Read more

Our Mountains as Measuring Sticks

One glance at a favorite peak can tell us much about the advance of spring

We expect much from our mountains, we who live sometimes literally in their shadows, and … Read more

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