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The 3D Idapro Solutions plant in Stanfield, here in 2019 shortly before it closed, is the subject of a class action lawsuit that the company has agreed to settle.

STANFIELD — Settlement of a class action lawsuit on behalf of Stanfield residents against 3D Idapro Solutions is winding down.

Those who qualify for payment under the settlement have until Feb. 4 to submit a claim, according to documentation on the website of Liddle & Dubin P.C., a Detroit-based law firm handling the lawsuit.

3D Idapro Solutions operated a dehydration plant in Stanfield for several years before closing the plant in 2019. In 2017, a fire burned equipment at the plant that helped reduce the odors coming from rotting potato scraps there. The company replaced the fire-damaged scrubber and made other changes designed to reduce odor, but area residents continued to complain that strong odors from the plant were reducing their quality of life. Some told the city council the odors triggered physical responses, such as vomiting.

Liddle & Dubin P.C. did not return a request for comment, but court documents show a lawsuit was filed against 3D Idapro Solutions in February 2019, alleging the company’s actions caused a decrease in the plaintiffs’ property values due to the odor. According to the firm’s website, the company has “vigorously denied and continues to deny all claims of wrongdoing and liability” but agreed to a settlement of $500,000 to avoid further legal expenses.

According to Liddle & Dubin, the $500,000 settlement will be split between parties to the lawsuit after paying legal fees and attorney expenses. The settlement class includes people who live or own residential property within a 4-mile radius of the plant at 405 Hoosier Road, Stanfield, any time after Feb. 26, 2013, and those who submitted a residential data sheet to the firm before April 15, 2020.

The law firm’s website states that qualifying individuals who wish to receive part of the settlement must submit a claim for compensation by Feb. 4. Those who wish to object to the terms of the settlement or exclude themselves from the settlement have until Jan. 20 to do so. Those who are part of the settlement class but do nothing before those deadlines will not receive part of the settlement, but also will release their claims on the defendant, meaning they could not file their own lawsuit for the same thing.

The East Oregonian could not locate a website or contact information for 3D Idapro Solutions, but reached out to 3D Corporate Solutions, which lists the same address for its headquarters as previously listed by 3D Idapro Solutions, and did not receive a response.

For more information, visit www.ldclassaction.com/class-action/3d-idapro-solutions-llc-settlement-2, email info@ldclassaction.com or call 1-800-536-0045.

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