For Dr. Paulette Hugulet, purchasing the Crossroads Health and Nutrition Clinic in La Grande was the obvious next step for her career.

“It was just a natural progression,” she said. “I’ve worked here since February 2014 as an associate chiropractor, and the goal was to eventually assume ownership. Dr. (Willard) Bertrand groomed me for it.”

When she took over the clinic on June 1, Hugulet changed some of the facility’s aesthetics.

Hugulet said the waiting area now has a “more polished, calming” look, including a “children’s zoo” of plush animals.

Not much has changed in terms of the services provided, however. The clinic still offers services from chiropractors and massage therapists. Crossroads Health and Nutrition also does acupuncture, physicals for athletes and consumer driver license applicants.

Also unchanged is Hugulet’s passion for chiropractic work. She said she takes pride in helping patients find a medicine alternative that works for them.

“Not everyone fits in the same cookie cutter,” Hugulet said. “If you have a physical problem, you need a physical solution. If you have a chemical problem, you need a chemical solution.”

Hugulet said she’s seen too many people try to throw drugs at a non-chemical problem.

“I worked as a medical assistant for some time, and I saw so many people come in looking for a miracle drug,” Hugulet said. “As a chiropractor, I help the body do what it was born to do, which is to heal itself.”

That was part of the reason she didn’t love the medicine side of health care. When she was working as a medical assistant, she knew it wasn’t what she wanted to be doing.

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