Wheat producers reminded of Dec. 12 conference call

SALEM — The Oregon Wheat Growers League and Oregon Wheat Commission will hold a special meeting at 8 a.m. Dec. 12 by conference call to approve the Wheat Industry CEO

Selection Committee’s findings and other commission business. For dial-in information, call the Oregon Wheat Commission Office at 503-467-2161 or e-mail tsimpson@oregonwheat.org.

OFB comments on gray wolf decision

SALEM — On Nov. 27, the Oregon Farm Bureau released the following statement: “After sitting pending for years, the Oregon Court of Appeals finally ruled on a challenge by Cascadia Wildlands to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife’s decision to delist the gray wolf under the Oregon endangered species list. Oregon Farm Bureau and Oregon Cattlemen’s Association intervened in the lawsuit to support the delisting decision and ensure the Court understood the impacts on ranching families.

“The Court held today that a bill championed by OCA and OFB, which delisted the gray wolf, rendered the case moot and the challenge was dismissed. This is a huge win for ranch families and the livestock industry, which have long advocated for responsible wolf management in Oregon. It’s important to note that wolves are still listed in parts of eastern Oregon and western Oregon under the federal Endangered Species Act, though OFB has strongly supported the recent proposal to delist them.”

Oregon Mint Commission announces upcoming meeting for producers

SALEM — A press release from the Oregon Mint Commission announces to producers next month’s Oregon Essential Oil Growers League’s 71st annual meeting. The event is scheduled for Jan. 9-10, 2020, at the Salishan Resort in Gleneden Beach.

The Oregon Essential Oil Growers League is composed of more than 250 mint growers, researchers and supplier members. Topics and speakers at the 2020 meeting will include: gene mapping and biotechnology in mint with WSU’s Mark Lange and OSU’s Kelly Vining; the industry’s #1 problem — verticillium wilt control with OSU’s Kelly Vining and Jeremiah Dung and WSU’s Mark Lange; winter 2020 ENSO (El Niño - Southern Oscillating) weather pattern and impacts on the Pacific NW with meteorologist Phil Volker from ERF Company; and earthquakes in Oregon with Scott Burns, professor of geology at Portland State. There will also be presentations on advancing water efficacies through innovative irrigation approaches, an update on the hemp industry in Oregon, advancements in managing weeds in mint, a buyer’s viewpoint on what is ahead for the mint industry and more.

Dec. 20 is the deadline for making reservations at the resort with special rates. Pre-registration for the annual meeting by Dec. 27 comes with a discount. Attendees may also register at the door. For registration information, go to www.oregonmint.org for more information.

EOU magazine recounts alumi’s efforts to repurpose ag waste

LA GRANDE — According to a press release from Eastern Oregon University, the fall edition of the EOU alumni magazine, The Mountaineer, tells stories of local people making an impact in their communities at home and abroad, including the efforts of EOU alumni to repurpose ag waste. Read the whole issue at www.eou.edu/mountaineer-magazine.

Secretary of State’s Office warns of business scam

SALEM — The Oregon Secretary of State’s office issued a warning of a known business scam. Newly formed Oregon businesses have received a solicitation from OR Certificate Services offering a Certificate of Standing/Existence for $77.25. Many businesses do not need this certificate. Those that do may obtain one directly from the Secretary of State for $10. This solicitation may appear to be from a government agency, but it is not.

Business owners who wish to request a refund after being misled by the solicitation may call OR Certificate Services at 1-855-210-6990 or 1-855-755-3357 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Official correspondence from the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division always contains these elements: an image of the Oregon state seal, the words “Secretary of State Corporation Division” and the division’s phone number. If you believe you’ve been the victim of a business scam, email corporation.division@oregon.gov or call 503-986-2200.

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