ENTERPRISE, LOSTINE — Deb’s Apparel, the longtime ladies apparel shop on Main Street in Enterprise, reopened June 15, after a two-month closure because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Owner Deb Kellermann said she doesn’t yet have a “grand opening” date set, as she’s waiting for some construction work to finish. She said she plans to rename it the Red Rose Boutique.

“I was going to just stay closed, but I decided I couldn’t stand not having anything to do,” she said.

Kellermann said she decided on the name in honor of her mother, the late Oretta Clegg.

“She loved red roses,” Kellermann said.

She said as she ponders retirement in a few years, she’ll keep all the favorite brands of clothing the shop has been known for.

“Maybe I’ll add a few more accessories,” she said.

And Lostine’s M. Crow is back in business after also closing its indoor service for the pandemic. But things are a bit different.

The popular eatery and general store in Lostine has reopened indoor seating, but customers need to adhere to social distancing, said manager Mike Junkin.

“We’ve reopened inside according to COVID restrictions,” Junkin said.

The business also added picnic tables out front in an area formerly for parking.

M. Crow also has expanded its hours. The business is now open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

“We’re ready for summer and looking forward to it,” Junkin said.

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