Baker City churches are using livestreaming sermons and taking other steps to comply with restrictions in place during the statewide two-week “freeze” that continues through Dec. 2 with a goal of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

The restrictions include a limit of 25 people attending indoor worship services, or 50 people outdoors.

Pastor Ian Wolfe with the First Lutheran Church said the church requires everyone to wear a mask and follow social distancing.

“Our numbers are right around 25,” Wolfe said.

If the congregation exceeds that limit, Wolfe said the church has areas where worshippers can watch the sermon remotely.

He said the church has offered livestreamed services on Facebook since June, and the videos are also uploaded to the church’s YouTube channel.

Pastor Nathan Neff with the Apostolic Lighthouse Church said the church will comply with the 25-person indoor limit either by adding a second service, or by asking members of the congregation to rotate, with some staying home to watch services online while others attend in person.

Pastor Richard Wagemaker with the Calvary Chapel said they will be making some changes, including keeping their congregations at or below the temporary state limit.

Worshippers will wear masks, hand sanitation stations are in place, and surfaces will be disinfected.

“We’ve been doing noncontact temperature readings, stuff like that, everything we can to make sure everybody’s staying safe,” Wagemaker said.

The church offers both in-person and online services.

According to its answering machine, the Baker United Methodist Church is closed due to COVID-19. The church offers Zoom meetings on Sunday mornings and will send invitations to those who are interested.

The Baker City Church of the Nazarene is only offering online sermons at this time.

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