Toilet paper is again stocked in local stores, but the coronavirus pandemic has sparked another shortage.


In March, Appliances & More in Baker City had 20 to 30 freezers in stock.

Those have long since sold, and new models are not arriving fast enough, said Jeanette Thompson, who works at the store owned by Jay and Kristin Wilson.

“I feel really bad we can’t meet the demand,” Thompson said.

As to why freezers are in high demand, she can only speculate — perhaps people are stocking up on frozen food. Locally, she expects most are used for storing beef or other types of meat. Retailers nationwide have also reported the run on freezers, and most also attribute the demand to customers wanting to stock up on food during the pandemic.

Thompson said she’s never seen a similar appliance shortage.

“This is definitely a different day and age,” she said.

The Baker City store has a list of people who have called asking about a freezer.

“As soon as we get some in, we start calling people,” Thompson said.

The store recently received a shipment of three freezers.

“Within four calls, we sold them all,” she said.

More are expected to arrive in a couple of weeks. The supply, however, is having a hard time keeping up with demand and stores are limited on orders.

“We can only order what they have available,” she said. “They should start trickling in soon.”

Appliances & More is at 2036 Main St. The phone number is 541-523-6284.

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