A COVID-19 particle is pictured in this image provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC/CONTRIBUTED PHOTO]

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has fixed an error in its system for reporting county-level COVID-19 vaccination numbers, and the correction had a big effect on Baker County, whose inflated numbers prompted the agency to look at the situation in late March.

On March 31 the OHA removed county data from its website, after an official acknowledged that numbers for Baker County, which had been shown for more than a week as having by far the highest rate of vaccinations, were likely overstated by about 50%. The agency had been reporting that about 62% of the county’s 16,800 residents had been either partially or fully vaccinated.

On Friday afternoon, April 9, the OHA resumed including county vaccination statistics on its website,

The corrected website showed that 4,850 Baker County residents had received were either partially (1,511) or fully (3,339) vaccinated.

That’s almost 29% of the county’s population.

The county ranks slightly below average among Oregon’s 36 counties in the rate of vaccinations, measured as the number per 10,000 residents.

Baker County’s vaccination (partial and full) rate of 2,883 per 10,000 residents ranks 21st out of 36 counties.

Other Baker County statistics:

• 6,582 doses of Moderna vaccine administered, along with 780 doses of Pfizer and 396 of Johnson & Johnson.

• Number of residents age 80 and older who are partially or fully vaccinated is 696, about 68% of that population group in the county.

• Ages 75 to 79 — a total of 505 people partially or fully vaccinated, almost 58% of that age group.

• Ages 70 to 74 — a total of 778 out of 1,264 residents partially or fully vaccination, almost 62%.

• Ages 65 to 69 — a total of 768 out of 1,548 residents partially or fully vaccinated, almost 50%.

Totals for other age groups: 60 to 64 years (524); 50 to 59 (633); 40 to 49 (398); 30 to 39 (345); 20 to 29 (175); 19 or younger (28).

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