A warm summer evening brought music and movement to Baker City’s Central Park as Ms. Amy’s dance classes performed for an audience of family and close friends on Thursday.

Dance 4.jpg

Alahra Brown, front, and Hazel Crowell follow the dance moves of Amy Martin Friedman, who teaches dance classes at Crossroads Carnegie Art Center every summer.

This location beside the Powder River was a change from past recitals held at Crossroads Carnegie Art Center, which is too small to maintain social distancing guidelines in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

Amy Martin Friedman taught several dance classes in June. Each session was limited to 10 students, and she wore a mask while teaching. The students were not required to wear a mask.

“Wearing a mask to teach is very difficult but it’s for the safety of me and my students,” Martin Friedman said.

Prior to each class, the students went through a wellness check, including temperature, and staff logged what time they arrived and who accompanied them to the center. The same information was logged when the students left.

Keeping hands clean was also a big priority.

Dance 5.jpg

Molly Richards, front, performs a dance along with Hazel Crowell, back left, and Regina Luna.

“Excessive hand sanitizer,” said Cherie Ward, education coordinator at Crossroads.

Youth classes are planned at Crossroads this summer, but are subject to change. Teachers are required to wear a mask, but students are not — unless wearing one makes them feel more comfortable.

Martin Friedman broke her foot right before last week’s recital, so her dance classes scheduled for July may be postponed. For updates, check the Crossroads website at www.crossroads-arts.org, visit the Facebook page, or call 541-523-5369.

At the center, visitors are limited to a total of 50 in the building.

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