Cameryn Conklin was barely 15 hours old before his parents started arguing over whose turn it was to change his diaper.

andquot;Oh, it's your turn,andquot; Bryan Conklin said as the baby stretched in his arms.

andquot;Nope, it's your turn,andquot; Joy Conklin said with a grin.

Baby Cameryn was born at 1:35 a.m. Wednesday. He was the first baby of 2007 born at St. Elizabeth Health Services.

Joy had been sent home three times during her 40-hour labor.

andquot;He was just taking his sweet little time,andquot; she said.

Before settling in for the night Tuesday, the couple decided to make one more trip to the hospital.

andquot;The nurse said, 'don't go home you're having a baby,'andquot; Joy said.

The new parents were exhausted when Cameryn finally made an appearance.

andquot;I was running on an hour and a half of sleep,andquot; Bryan said.

andquot;I was running on no sleep,andquot; Joy said.

As his parents bantered, Cameryn nestled in his mom's arms with his eyes wide open.

andquot;He's not that fussy at all,andquot; Joy said.

andquot;Just like his dad this morning, Cameryn was sleeping in front of the TV,andquot; Bryan chuckled.