Due to unusually dry conditions in the forest, combined with several large active blazes, the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and Vale District of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management will ban campfires outside developed recreation sites starting at 12:01 a.m. Saturday.

The ban also affects lands protected by the Oregon Department of Forestry in Northeastern Oregon.

The restrictions do not apply to chain saws or generators. Firewood cutting is still allowed.

John Schuyler, the Wallowa-Whitman's deputy forest supervisor, said driving motor vehicles off developed roads, and smoking outside vehicles and buildings, all will be prohibited.

andquot;With the abundance of wildfires in Oregon, available firefighting resources are spread thin,andquot; said Matt Reidy, fire management officer for the Wallowa-Whitman.

andquot;Long-range weather predictions indicate a continuation of hot, dry weather conditions and potential for other large wildfires.andquot;

Liquefied and bottle gas stoves and heaters may be used for cooking and heating while the fire restrictions are in effect.

The only exception to the motor vehicle restriction is that vehicles may travel off designated roads for the purpose of reaching a campsite located within 300 feet of the adjacent open road.

Smoking is only allowed outside a vehicle or building if the smoker is in an area cleared of flammable material for at least three feet around.

More information on the restrictions is available by calling the Wallowa-Whitman at 523-6391, the Oregon Department of Forestry at 541/963-3168, or the Northeast Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center at 541/963-7171.

Following is a list of local recreation sites where campfires are allowed:

Anthony Lakes Ski Area

Deer Creek Campground

Grande Ronde Lake Campground

Marble Creek Picnic Site

Mason Dam Picnic Site

McCully Forks Campground

Millers Lane Campground

Mowich Loop Picnic Site

Mud Lake Campground

Southwest Shore Campground

Union Creek Campground

Birdtrack Springs Campground

Boulder Park Campground

Moss Springs Campground andamp; G. Station

North Fork Catherine Ck. Campground

North Fork Catherine Ck. Picnic Area

River Campground

Spool Cart Campground

Spring Creek Campground

Two Color Campground andamp; Guard Station

West Eagle Meadow Campground

Antlers Guard Station

Elk Creek Campground

Long Creek Campground

Mammoth Springs Campground

Oregon Campground

South Fork Campground

Steven's Creek Campground

Wetmore Campground

Yellow Pine Campground

Duck Lake Campground

Eagle Forks Campground

Fish Lake Campground

Halfway Picnic Site

Lake Fork Campground

McBride Campground

Tamarack Campground

Twin Lakes Campground