Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

By Pat Caldwell


While he does not profess to be any more of a religious man than most, Guy Michael is probably more familiar with the themes that surround the biblical tale of David vs. Goliath than most people.

The Baker County miner knows all about facing long odds against a powerful, established entity.

Since 2009, Michael has led a one-man crusade to secure what he believes is justice in a case that revolves around a series of mining claims he held on the Burnt River near Bridgeport.

Michael's legal clash with the BLM erupted after the federal agency confiscated his property from one of his unpatented mining claims and never paid him a cent or returned the items, which include a bulldozer.

Michael, who believes he has a right under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution to be reimbursed, eventually steered his case through a number of federal courts before pushing the issue to the Supreme Court.

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