Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Rock Garden Greenhouse Turns 25

By Chris Collins


An interest in plants and a desire to stay home to raise her three daughters inspired Dona Servid to establish a greenhouse at her home on Hunt Mountain Lane.

That was 25 years ago - she can track the date because she was pregnant with her youngest daughter, Sarah, at the time.

Otherwise one year flows into the next as the 58-year-old continues to work at home even after raising those three girls to adulthood. Amy is 29; Alexa is 26 and is planning a fall wedding; and Sarah is 25.

From November to June, Dona tends the flowers and plants that are the foundation of Rock Garden Greenhouse at the base of the Elkhorn Mountains.

And while she is nurturing the plants, arranging baskets and deadheading wilted blossoms, her husband, Mark, and her sister, Eileen Gyllenberg, staff the new greenhouses on Cedar Street daily. Eileen works most of the day Monday through Thursday and Mark takes over after finishing his day job as a dental hygienist at Baker Dental Group. He also spends all day at the site on most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Dona recalls how the business got its start with a tiny 12-by-4-foot greenhouse that sat at the end of the trailer house they lived in before their present home was built.

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