Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

Baker City Police this morning arrested a 30-year-old woman on charges of first-degree animal neglect and initiating a false report.

Marcia Shelynn Studebaker, 2431 Campbell St., is accused of filing a false report after her dog was hit by a car and broke both its forelegs.

Police said Studebaker reported on Aug. 4 that she had kept the dog overnight and that its owner had abandoned the dog.

Police believe Studebaker owned the dog and falsely reported that someone else had abandoned the animal.

After impounding the dog, Police Sgt. Dustin Newman and Officer Mark Powell began calling local animal groups to see if money could be raised to pay for surgery on the dog or if it would have to be euthanized. Ultimately, community members came together and the dog was operated on.

Sergeant Newman posted a picture of the dog on a newly created Baker City Police Department Facebook page. It was through those efforts that a recent owner of the dog was discovered. That owner was able to provide Baker City Police with the name of the person who had just taken possession of the dog shortly before the accident.

First-degree animal neglect is a Class A misdemeanor. Studebaker was booked at the Baker County Jail this morning and released after posting $1,500, 10 percent of her $15,000 bail.

Baker City Herald reporter Coby Hutzler has been working on a story about the dog, a border collie mix which the Animal Clinic of Baker staff has named "Trooper," for Wednesday's issue.

Trooper's cause has been taken up by Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue, which has agreed to take responsibility for veterinary bills, said Carmen Ott of Best Friends of Baker.