Kari Borgen

Cody Kester, 17, grooms his steer he says is the second heaviest to enter the auction ring during Saturday's livestock sale at the fair. The steer weighed 1,462 pounds.

By Chris Collins


The 77th annual 4-H and FFA

Livestock Auction brought record

sales for the youngsters who worked

hard to prepare their animals for the

final day of the Baker County Fair at

Baker City.

"It's the highest total auction we've

ever had," said Randy Guyer, who's

been associated with the sale since

1975, but began keeping records seri-

ously in 1981.

Total sales for the 129 animals

sold at this year's Aug. 9 auc-

tion were at about $245,000 as of

Wednesday. That doesn't include the

"add-on money" from people who

didn't make it to the sale - but who

want to contribute - that is still

coming in, said Jayne Kellar, the

sale committee's co-treasurer with

Terri Siddoway. Kellar also is the

office manager for the Baker County

Extension Service.

Guyer, who's also a sale committee

member, said the sale total could go

as high as $250,000 once everything

is accounted for.

The second highest auction total

was collected during the 2012 fair

when the sale brought in $228,107

for 138 animals, Guyer said.

Last year's sale, at which 144 ani-

mals were sold, earned $190,434. For the full story, see Friday's print edition of the Baker City Herald.