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The Baker City Herald

Daughter's Phone Call Helps Mom Who Had Allergic Reaction To Sting

By Lisa Britton

For the Baker City Herald

Elishah Thomas has been stung before, so she didn't give it much thought when a yellow jacket nabbed her on the morning of Aug. 18.

She and her company were picking apricots at her place, about 12 miles outside of Baker City, when a wasp stung her middle finger.

"I've never had a problem with stings - even this summer," she said.

To alleviate her throbbing finger, she dabbed on some Benadryl cream and then returned to picking apricots.

Not long after, she came down with a throbbing headache.

She and took some ibuprofen and went back outside to feed the horses and get her truck for a trip to town.

By this time, her company had left.

And then her symptoms worsened.

"While I'm out feeding horses, my breathing gets hard and labored. And it felt like my throat was closing."

She climbed in the truck and drove to the house, honking the horn to get the attention of her children, Izabella, 8, and Ezra, 6. Her husband, Pat, was at work.

When Izabella reached the truck, Thomas gave her the cell phone and told her to call Jacque Cobb, a friend and registered nurse who lives five minutes away, and say her mom washaving an allergic reaction.

Thomas could tell her kids were close to panicking.

"I said 'I need your help. You need to stay calm.' "

While Izabella called for help, Elishah Thomas made her way into the bathroom and took a Benadryl tablet. Then she laid on the floor while Ezra placed a cool rag on her forehead.

"I just laid there - breathe in, breathe out. By this time I realize I can't get off the floor," she said.

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