Gov. Ted Kulongoski will attend an open house at the new National Guard Readiness Center a week from today.

Only this open house is by invitation only.

Go figure.

To be fair, there is a public tour of the readiness center the next day, April 15, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., just minus the governor.

And if you're a cougar hunter or a university woman, you've already seen the inside of the new center.

Plus, the governor plans a Main Street walk following the andquot;openandquot; house at the Readiness Center, so there'll be a chance for citizens to press the flesh if they haunt downtown Thursday afternoon.

But when you're touring a facility that can seat 400, it seems like a prime opportunity for a politician to address the people he serves.

Baker City has sent dozens of citizen soldiers to Iraq to support a war there that Kulongoski endorsed. The opening of the facility those brave men and women will return to seems like an opportune time for the governor to address this community about the sacrifice its citizens are making.

As the Oregon Military Department's commander-in-chief, Kulongoski is in a position to order that Thursday's open house be truly open, even if it only means a standing stump speech to the citizens who show up.

That seems more like the recipe for a successful open house to us.