Garden a good thing

To the editor:

I am writing simply to commend the diverse group of people who have made possible the flowering of the Village Garden. What a joy it is to see something come of almost nothing, due to the vision and hard work of many, not to mention the role of soil, water and sun.

The flower and vegetable garden established at the Women's Treatment Center on Resort Street provides so much for the residents, including a chance to learn new skills, promoting a sense of self-reliance and self-confidence. By fostering their connection with the natural world, many therapeutic benefits may be experienced. Communication skills are required and utilized in planning and maintaining a garden. And all gardeners know the satisfaction and joy of seeing plants grow and reach their harvest season.

In years to come when the andquot;Central Parkandquot; is completed, the garden area will be a pleasant sight alongside the connection from the park to the Court Street entry to downtown. Many individuals and businesses have contributed to the success of this year's garden. I wish the gardeners continued support and success.

Carolyn Kulog

Baker City