There's a limit to what sort of signage a local government can be expected to post.

Who'd think you'd need to post a andquot;No Campingandquot; sign on an outhouse?

But that's one of the things Baker County's parks and recreation board has asked commissioners to make explicityly illegal in a .

Well, good.

And too bad, too.

Some of the problems outlawed by the proposed ordinance include cooking.

In the bathroom.


Other items, however, hint at the need for more than just a prohibition.

Like a proposed rule against leaving boats unattended for more than 15 minutes. That's plenty of time for you to park the rig and get back to your boat, no?

Not if you forgot to load your gear for the day and have to trot back and forth to the car.

That's a case where the parks board can do more than enact prohibitions. It can help promote best practices with well-positioned signs and suggestion sheets.

Will all this eliminate problems on busy days? No.

Will it keep somebody from camping in the restroom? Oh.

Regardless, the ordinance looks prudent to us, even if we wish it weren't needed to keep order.