Sidewalk sting

To the editor:

In regards to the crosswalk sting protest staged by Paul Olmstead, I would like to address his however well meaning but tragically misplaced goodwill.

My wife and I have been going for walks in our beautiful city for 20 years now, and if you have ever seen us walking you will note that I always carry a rather large wooden cane. If you will also note, I don't limp. Therefore one can assume I carry it for self defense against vicious dogs and careless drivers. Over the years I have used it on four dogs and one pickup truck. This is no laughing matter.

You literally take your life in your hands walking our streets, and if a crosswalk sting makes it a little safer for us, then bring them on, because each time they have occurred in the past we see a noticeable difference in the attentiveness of drivers.

I question your motives, Mr. Olmstead. Does this mean you received a ticket in the past? Or do you just not like taking a few seconds out of your precious time to stop and respect your fellow citizens life and safety? When you ask the question, andquot;Are we so stupid that it takes a $253 lesson to make us stop?andquot; I would answer you this way: Don't ask a question unless you think you will like the answer, and from me and my wife the answer is andquot;Yes.andquot;

Bill Ward

Baker City

Honor the flag

To the editor:

June 14 is Flag Day. Every year, the Baker Elks Lodge in conjunction with the Boy Scouts and veterans organizations presents a Flag Day ceremony. This ceremony gives the history and the signifigance of our flag/s. It begins with the first flag that symbolized us as a nation and shows all the flags that followed as it traces the history of our present-day flag. Boy Scout Troup 433 and local veterans will show these colorful flags as a narrator explains their importance in our history. It is an impressive show.

If you and/or your children haven't seen this patriotic ceremony you are in for a treat. It is at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Baker Elks Lodge on Second Street. You won't be disappointed. Refreshments will follow the presentation.

Carol Martin

Baker City