Indoor tennis

To the editor:

I am writing in regards to a letter to the editor about a week or so ago regarding andquot;what to do with the excess money the city has and doesn't know what to do with.andquot; Why not think about the kids? One person had a great idea and said the kids should be able to practice their tennis year round to be ready for competition. We already have the tennis court, so why not build a building over it with lights inside? While we are on the subject of lights, the Baker Sports Complex is in dire need of lights in the baseball and softball fields for those games that take a little longer than expected. Baseball, softball and tennis are in full swing, so come on people, back me up and let's get started on this, not just for the kids, but also for the parents and grandparents out there watching and enjoying our kids doing something worthwhile with their time. Plus, if there is any extra money left over, or for that matter, any extra money next year, we could always use newer and better Christmas decorations all across Main Street.

Artie Hull Jr.

Baker City

Protect city charter

To the editor:

As a former city councilor, I believe that our City Charter ensures that the elected city council represents the citizens and the needs of Baker City. I urge you to protect the intentions of that document and vote against all proposed changes.

The Baker City Council is elected to serve the voters. The voters did not ask for relief from term limits and the elimination of the write-in vote, and in fact, there was no Citizen Advisory Committee that worked with the council to propose these changes. The Council created this proposal by themselves and for themselves.

Simply put, the council wants to be able to extend their terms, reduce the possibilities for new leadership and increase their compensation.

Most dangerously, Measure 1-29 eliminates the opportunity for the community to write in the names of the people that they believe would be better listeners and better leaders. It is written as andquot;complying with state regulationsandquot; but that really means it only complies with the required language. Our City Charter is better better for Baker City and the people who live and work here than what the state requires.

The last three women who were elected by the citizens of Baker City were all write-in candidates. A write-in candidate from the last primary election received more votes than any other candidate in the general election, proving that the people of Baker City like having choices.

The current council is made up of good people that have all added to our community and their professions. However, as a council it would seem that they make many decisions that seem to benefit themselves and not the community. These charter changes are not good for Baker City please vote against all proposed changes.

Beverly Calder

Baker City

Gas 'crisis' quiz

To the editor:

There's a great deal of speculation and confusion surrounding this latest gas crisis. Here are a few more questions you probably won't hear on CNN:

1. Do you think the local gas stations deserve to bear the brunt of criticism for gas prices?

2. Can you really call something a andquot;crisisandquot; if it has prolonged for over 30 years?

3. If not worthy of crisis designation, then what best describes the current situation:

a. Resource depletion hiccups

b. Chronic denial syndrome

c. Premeditated opportunism

d. Procrastinating incompetence by the governing authority?

4. If you chose andquot;d,andquot; do you think the Republicans or Democrats have a comprehensive plan in the works?

5. Do you feel that the public in general is afraid of alternative energies and that Congress, sensing this reluctance, has failed to act in a proper fashion?

6. When it comes to a governing body, do you think the country would be better off if it were run by scientific-analytic types rather than the lawyer-based fraternity we have now?

7. When it comes down to the matter of personal gain versus national patriotism, do you think that scientists are more ethical than lawyers? Why or why not?

8. Do you think by telling the country that it is andquot;addicted to oilandquot; without following that up with a recovery plan shows:

a. A naive grasp of reality

b. A disconnected president flanked by a polarized Congress

c. Ulterior motives?

9. Do you think plans drawn up by government long-term strategists are being used:

a. to gain independence from unfriendly oil suppliers

b. to gradually introduce alternative infrastructure into place

c. as coasters for icy drinks with small umbrellas in them?

10. Do you feel that it is a conflict of interest to be a sitting president, a G8 world leader, an architect for energy strategy and part owner of an oil company, all at the same time?

11. Do you think governors are in a big hurry to implement andquot;alternativesandquot; when each and every gallon sold now represents operating revenue?

12. Are you the type of person:

a. who objects to anything new and has always voted along party lines

b. objectively examines issues and votes non-partisanly for a desired end

c. objects only to station attendants each time they fill your tank?

Dan Lees

Baker City