Taking back the crosswalks

To the editor:

Crossing the street during lunch hour ... easy, every car within eyeshot is ready and willing to see you across the street, but have you tried it in the evening lately?

It is apparent to me after what has been yet another attempt on my life that the daytime pedestrian crosswalk stings are of no use in educating drivers to at least only slightly maim walkers instead of completely killing them.

As a regular walker who wears light-colored clothing, walks with another person and uses marked crosswalks, it is crystal clear to me that it is no accident obnoxious drivers continually target people after dark.

While there seems to be no sign of a plan by the Baker City Police Department to educate drivers at night, and possibly more inconspicuously than announcing the operation of crosswalk safety, I am forced to carry a pencil and pad on my walks and report the drivers who come within sideswiping distance of my person. To the guys in the white truck at the intersection of Main and Church on Wednesday I hope you enjoyed my personal expression of your driving abilities.

For the three vehicles following them who raced by me as I stood in the exact middle of the crosswalk playing frogger for my life, consider it a warning: I am taking back my right to cross the street without becoming road kill.

Becca Colton

Baker City