Mental health

To the editor:

I have been a primary care physician and at one time an emergency physician in Baker City since 1978. In that time Mountain Valley Mental Health services have been commendable. While working emergency services, mental health response was timely and professional. This largely included response after hours, often late at night or on the weekends. Many times the problem was life threatening or critical. I always felt confident in the mental health providers and never experienced an incident whereby I was not given a verbal appraisal and a written response for the patient's chart.

My work now is at the Baker Clinic, whereby I continue to care for patients whom I share with Mental Health. Correspondence with therapists is frequent. I am able to have a patient seen in a remarkably short time. I am able to talk to a psychiatrist usually on the same day I call or within 24 hours. I appreciate Mental Health and wish to augment facilitating the care of area residents.

On Jan. 22, 2007, I received correspondence from the Healthy Mental Health Committee spokesperson along with a report of the mental health site review. As above, my experience is much different than that portrayed by the report. I realize that therapy is a process between the therapist and client in confidentiality. What happens in a therapy session is primarily an art implemented by a caring and enthusiastic provider with a duty to serve.

There is nothing in the report that diminishes my confidence in Mountain Valley Mental Health Programs Inc.

Jon E. Petterson, M.D.

Baker City

Surprise replaces dread about article

To the editor:

I was dreading getting Monday's paper knowing that the article about Mayce Collard would be there but what a wonderful surprise!

Thank you, thank you for avoiding the usual sensationalism that most papers use and, instead, giving us a beautiful story No! a beautiful experience of Mayce and her family and friends. It was tastefully written with the respect and compassion that Mayce and her family deserve. Beautiful job, Jayson, and whoever helped you.

And now let us all:

Hug our children a little closer.

Tell our loved ones that we love them.

Honor our elder citizens.

Rejoice for Samantha Jeffords' life.

Help someone who needs us.

Give praise and thanks to our God.

Note: Tuesday's article was lovely, too.

Sister Kay Marie Duncan

Baker City

Decider v. dictator

To the editor:

I have sent the following letter to the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Seventy percent of American people wanted change during this last election.What was the change they wanted?They wanted to rid the United States and the World of the horrendous acts of violence and blatant lies that have been meted by the current administration. This president has created so much unfathomable chaos for the entire world in six years that it is beyond reason.

You banged your newly acquired gavel, surrounded by a bunch of children, signifying that you intended to protect those children and their bright future.Pray tell, what future can they look forward too?Trillions of debt, which if stopped today and paid off at millions/dollars a day would take hundreds of years?Now we are looking at another $2.9 trillion, of which $790 billion is for more war and the budget will be balanced in 2012?Give America a break!

President Bush has been (and continues to be) a failed businessman all his life.He has control over the largest business in the world and he is bringing it to its knees.America and I happen to be part of it.I doubt seriously at this point in time that the travesty that has been forced onthe American people can be turned around.Among the many Bush shenanigans, America is doomed and on the brink of Bush destruction, with the assistance of a weak Congress and Senate!

Being the same age you are I was taught there were three equal parts of government: the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary.Can you tell me if there is a Constitutional government anymore?President Bush stated, and that should have been a wake up call, andquot;If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator.andquot;

Madam Speaker, take away the word dictator and replace it with decider.Decider is one who andquot;settles conclusively.andquot;A dictator is andquot;an absolute ruler.andquot;

What is the difference, since currently there is only one branch of government?

Chuck Monpas