To the editor:

Here the other night on the news it was mentioned that yoga was being taught in the schools in the Portland area and that would make kids do better in their studying. I wonder is that any better than taking religion out of our schools, let alone prayer? I would prefer the power of prayer because most of us know what prayer does to the betterment of one's being. I know we all have our different beliefs but this really takes the cake as far as I'm concerned.

I'm sure if I had kids of my own I would be disgusted with them teaching yoga without my permission. It is just like another religion to me. We are fortunate that we do not have kids ourselves, except our dogs. My husband shook his head even at the sound of it.

In reading the issues going on with our city manager, council etc., it sounds like to me they need to take care of their problems and get on with what we elected them to be doing, and try to put their differences aside. If they run for election again, I might have to think twice whether or not they can do the job for the public's well-being. We have issues that need to be addressed rather than the problems the City Council faces. If it is a personal matter why bring the public into it?

Brenda Dickison

Baker City