To the editor:

As a new business owner, the phrases andquot;shop locallyandquot; and andquot;local business developmentandquot; have taken on a whole new importance for me, especially as the Christmas shopping season approaches.

It struck me the other week that if each person within the Baker City limits went to my company's Web site and bought just one book per year, the equivalent of two new full-time local jobs would be created. Not only that, but I would be able to commission local artists more often, publish more Oregon authors, purchase more office supplies down the street, have more promotional materials printed, and so on.

The benefits of a flourishing Baker City business don't just stay within the confines of that business. The business development trickle-down effect of shopping locally is truly amazing if you really sit and think about it. Now multiply that effect by all the Baker City businesses that probably work their own fantasy sales numbers every year just like I'm doing. Support local businesses this holiday season!

Kerry Jones

Baker City