To the editor:

I have been a small business person in Baker City since 1975. I have known Deon Strommer and looked up to him for the last 20 years. He is a very capable and outstanding person. He has high energy and is very self-motivated. I have observed him in numerous leadership capacities and he has demonstrated that he is fiscally responsible, completely honest, has strong moral character, and is dedicated to family values. He also is a quick study, he thoroughly researches issues, studies and politely listens to all sides, and then makes a decision. I have witnessed him negotiating sensitive issues on the school board. He is an outstanding public speaker. He is always looking out after the rights of his constituents.

As an Education Service District board member, Deon focused on the key problems of ESD, financial improprieties and mismanagement. Through the efforts of Deon and others, they put ESD back on track. The thing that impressed me about Deon is that he communicated to the people of Baker County the problems and issues of ESD and then he organized a successful door-to-door campaign to inform the citizens and put a recall on the ballot.

I fully endorse and recommend Deon Strommer as Tom Butler's replacement in District 60.

Don Giles

Baker City