To the editor:

With the recent resignation of our very fine state representative, Tom Butler, (county commissioners) are now considering the replacement to represent District 60 in the Oregon State Legislature.

From all accounts that I have heard, (commissioners) have the luxury of appointing one of three very able individuals to this important post. I would like to share with you why I believe that Deon Strommer is ideally suited to represent us in Eastern Oregon.

I have known Deon and his family over the past 10 to 15 years through his many contributions to Baker County and Eastern Oregon. Deon is one of those rare people who exhibits hard work and integrity to the point that I have found no one questions his motives or competence despite some difficult and somewhat controversial decisions that he has had to make as a member of the Baker School Board and the Education Service District Board.

People see a sincerity and deep empathy from Deon as he works to understand local issues.

I believe that Deon understands the people and economy of our district, and will be a quick study to comprehend many of the complex details that the Oregon Legislature must confront at each session.

I believe that Deon will be a breath of fresh air in Salem, exhibiting a problem-solving approach that is so desperately needed in this era of partisan politics.

The State of Oregon needs leaders that are dedicated and disciplined, and committed to seeing things through.

I believe that you may have already seen this dedication, as Deon has constantly been traveling throughout District 60 to meet people and understand the issues of our day. You can expect this level of dedication every day that Deon will be on the job for all of us.

Also, I would like to mention that Deon is very multi-dimensional in his interest of issues, whether they relate to our natural resources, human service issues, or community/economic development needs and opportunities.

I invite you to get to know Deon as best you can. I believe that when you do, you will agree with me that our four counties will be very well served in the Oregon Legislature.

Brian Cole

Baker City