To the editor:

I have been an ardent supporter of Ron Paul for over 20 years. He is without doubt one of the only congressman back in Washington, D.C., who is willing to stand up for the rights of the American people as laid down by our founders.

What is perplexing is that the American people cannot get off their collective behinds and come back to the realization that the future of America is quite bleak. The George W. Bush presidency has nearly dismantled the Constitution and the rights of all of us. The passed Congressional bill H.R. 1955 andquot;Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007andquot; which is now in the Senate as S. 1959 is another nail in the Constitutional coffin and a product of the GWB Homeland (misnomer) Security administration. The American people will only wake up when they have a bunch of jack-booted thugs parading lock step in front of their homes. Why would they NOT want a change from the status quo that has been stuffed down their throats for the past 20 years under Bush, Clinton, Bush and Clinton (possibly) again, by casting a vote for another disgusting lot of candidates?

The abhorrently hypocritical spin news media that spoon feeds a largely dysfunctional, dumbed down America today, is pulling out all stops in their effort to discredit and make nebulous Ron Paul. The lemming mentality perseveres while only about 20 percent of Americans choose to watch the writing on the wall. Whether anyone wants to believe it or not there is a huge conspiracy going on in the world today and it is at the behest of the world oligarchy, symbolized by the current mess we are entangled in. With the exception of a maybe two on the current slate of candidates, several high societal groups are selecting your choices to sorely aid and abet this NWO oligarchy. The moral and ethical values that made this nation great need to come back home to roost. Support Ron Paul.

Chuck Monpas