To the editor:

Lord Byron said:

andquot;A man must serve his time to every trade/ Save censure critics all are ready made.andquot;

Snow removal and water rates in our fair city have aroused at least two vocal critics. Not enough snow removal and excessive water rates. Their answer? Fire the City Manager. What nonsense!

The city does a fine job with snow removal. Some days it's easy, some days its hard.

The water system pays for itself solely from the rates charged. Money received beyond immediate needs is held in an interest-bearing dedicated fund. It is the same prudent approach to saving for the rainy day that the critics should follow. To that end, a water facilities plan has been in place since 2000. A waste water facilities plan has been in place since 2005. The same prudence is applied to that service. Good idea!

Both of those plans precede Mr. Brocato. The critics should get their facts straight.

Milo Pope

Baker City