To the editor:

I always thought Senator Obama was intelligent and honorable. I haven't agreed with most of his politics, but I thought he was honest and would make a good president because of that honesty. Now I don't think so.

I heard his pastor preaching the most vile hatred and ugliness. Would a KKK meeting contain anything worse? I doubt it! I wonder about a member of the congregation who would not scream andquot;Enough!andquot; If they listen to this garbage, what does this say about their lack of morals? What does this say about the hatred and bigotry in their heart? How could anyone sit through a sermon of hate? Anyone with even a hint of decency should be looking for a new religious home! What would the congregation do to a non-black person who walked into their church?

If I attended a church where the pastor spewed hatred of America and Americans or spoke with such racial hatred, I would get up, leave and never go back. I would also tell the pastor and the members of the congregation that I will not subject my wife and kids to that garbage.

I've heard the lame arguments that unless you're black, you can't understand what it's like to be the victim of bigotry. Well, I've never been a murder victim either, but I understand that it is wrong. I understand that I'm against it! I can however see the occasional reason to kill, but I can't see any reason for bigotry and hatred. Being so filled with hate because of skin color or religion? How stupid! Being disgusted by the bigot is a different story.

What's wrong is wrong regardless of what your ancestors had done to them, or what they did to someone else.

If Senator Obama isn't strong enough to speak out against such ugliness, or smart enough to distance himself from such hatred, then I don't think he is strong enough or smart enough to lead this country.

I am a proud American, regardless of my color or religion.

Jim Thomas

Baker City