To the editor:

This is in regards to the letter printed in the Baker City Herald written by Roy Coyle on April 21. The heading on the letter is: andquot;City should take a second look.andquot; As a resident of Baker City I would have to agree with Mr. Coyle.

Most of the small businesses in downtown Baker City are operating on a slim budget, some are borderline bankrupt and some for sale. The reason is the lack of foot traffic or lack of customers. Although we enjoy Baker as a small town, it must grow or simply die. The cost of maintaining city streets, utilities, sewer, water, etc., is only climbing and the city cannot continue to raise taxes, whether property or gas, as you will simply price everyone out of town!

Wages in Baker are extremely low and do not keep up with the cost of living so many of the residents here are struggling to get by as it is.

It's time the city council takes a second look at their policy as I think if a FAIR survey was taken you might find the majority of the residents here would like to see more businesses and more jobs!

Preston Wright

Baker City