To the editor:

The funding of Baker County's Weed District through the weed levy is more important than ever. The introduction of new exotic invasive weed species and a long list of existing weeds require regular monitoring, containment or control.

Over many years Baker County residents have supported the weed levy and hopefully will continue to do so. The Weed District is respected statewide for its work in education and implementing a creative and aggressive weed program. Volunteer weed board members have put in countless hours in advising the county on matters of noxious weeds, and their dedication is well-known.

My 25 years associated with weed programs in Baker County convinces me of the necessity of continuing the weed fight. Those of you who saw the recent OPB program on invasive species saw some of what weed managers are up against. I'm asking you to get out and vote and to support the Weed Levy.

Dave Clemens