To the editor:

I'm a little confused with Mr. Heriza's statement of April 11 that states that some of us are trying to mislead him by putting our address as Baker City. The U.S. Postal Service gave me my address so I'm assuming I should use that address. If Mr. Heriza feels I should use another address, then maybe he should contact the Postal Service.

And Mr. Heriza is right we are in a free society, and that means that everyone has a right to heir own opinions. I'm really thrilled that he lived in Pendleton for 26 years and had such outstanding city officials. I've lived in places that I would say the same. Unfortunately, Baker City has a problem with some of their city officials and city manager. And of course, that is only my opinion. That is not said with bitterness, Mr. Heriza, it is said with the concern that the city manager is out of control and the mayor and some of the City Council seem to be oblivious to the problem.

I can also guarantee that the city manager and the city government make will and do affect all of us who shop, dine, buy gas, use medical and dental facilities, and many other ways that contribute to the economy of Baker City. I'm assuming from Mr. Heriza's letter that he would rather we would all spend our money in Baker City and keep our thoughts to ourselves.

Mr. Heriza should be proud of all his connections. I just honestly think it would be extremely hard to voice a negative opinion against the guy across the street, across the alley, former students, former baseball players, classmates and a son-in-law.

In closing, if Mr. Heriza can state so eloquently that some of us are bitter, accusatory, and lie about where we live just because we don't agree with the city manager, the mayor and some of the City Council, then I can say that Mr. Heriza is totally biased in his opinion solely by the list of people that he is connected to.

Janice Brust

Baker City