To the editor:

I spent my first 14 years in Southwestern Idaho and know the importance of water management. I know this because many of my relatives in that area made a living growing crops.

Southeastern Oregon uses the same type of water resources for agriculture, much of which comes from Warm Springs and Beulah reservoirs.

I've resided in Harney County since 1964 and I know how important water is to an area with such a limited supply.

I believe both candidates running for District 60 state representative are capable of managing these issues as well as any others that will be set before them.

However, there is one thing that separates these two candidates that helped me make my choice.

I attempted to contact the acting representative a month ago and have received no response.

Several other people said they experienced the same lack of response with their attempts.

I'm not concerned whether my representative agrees with my concerns but I'm very concerned with a politician that will not respond to a constituent.

I gave the same opportunity to the opposing candidate. He responded to my attempted contact and got back to me within 10 minutes.

It doesn't matter whether he agreed with my concerns or not, what matters is that he was willing to respond.

Tim Smith has my vote for state representative.

Also, the Democratic party did not have a candidate for state representative but a Democrat can write Tim Smith in and mark the box for the 60th District state representative and it counts.

Keith Jordan