To the editor:

I am writing to express my support for Sen. Barack Obama for president. Barack Obama is the best choice in a race where the other candidates seem to only be able to offer more of the same. Barack Obama has a long history of reaching across party line to get things done. He has shown the capability to make the correct, if not politically popular, choice. It's long past time for a change in Washington, and I believe only Barack Obama can provide it.

After eight self-destructive years of George Bush, Barack Obama can provide a new direction that America desperately needs. He will end the war in Iraq, lower taxes for the average American, and support technologies that protect our environment. He will take away the multimillion-dollar subsidies the oil companies receive, while working to reduce gas prices and find oil alternatives. However, I am also concerned with the misconceptions that people may have about Barack Obama. Barack Obama is a committed Christian, salutes the flag, says the Pledge of Allegiance. He will not take away Americans' private weapons, nor will he raise taxes on the average individual. Barack Obama is no elitist. Indeed, he comes from a less privileged background than either Hillary Clinton or John McCain.

In a time where food and gas prices are skyrocketing, America is engaged in an endless war, and the economy slumps toward recession, Barack Obama can provide the change in our political system that is so desperately needed. I would encourage everyone to learn more at or

Elliott Averett

Baker City