To the editor:

Recent events in Laredo and Colorado City and the papal visit, among others, give cause for reflection on cause and effect with reference to fabricated faith and the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In the case of polygamy, a horrible faith fabrication, leading to the loss of life (to live independently, to think for one's self and to be or not to be), liberty and the pursuit of happiness and horrible child and sexual abuse and to a distorted view of reality and a hallucinogenic andquot;path to glory and godhood.andquot;

In the case of the recent papal visit, a reminder of celibacy, another horrible fabrication leading to rape and abuse.

In the recent case of another faith fantasy and distortion in the Portland area leading to the death of a child because of faith fabrication and distortion of reality, healing by prayer only.

In the case of an emigrant wagon train passing through Southern Utah in 1857, 120 men, women and children were massacred by radicals of a fabricated faith fanaticism. Inalienable rights of life and liberty and pursuit of happiness, endowments of our creator, have been, again, violated by faith fabrications.

The absolute evidence and proof of God is compelling and explicit and complete in a 30-second mental exercise: andquot;consideration of our life and surroundings.andquot;

Jay Boman

Baker City